Solid Coffee Roasters


When thinking of the area around the LA and Orange County border, coffee isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Solid Coffee Roasters, though, is trying to change that. Although Solid only opened up a coffee shop in September 2016, they’ve been roasting and brewing coffee for organizations and individuals for a few years (note: they’ve been providing the cold brew coffee for awesome Tackle Box in Corona Del Mar. Check them out!). Its location is a bit odd in the City of Artesia, in a small not-so-flashy strip mall, but hey, who cares? Once you walk in, you forget where you are. The decor is not overly minimalistic, but it’s clean, with white subway tiles and wooden countertops and tables. Funky lights hanging on the ceiling lead you past the espresso machine all the way to back, at which point you’ll meet the coffee roaster.


But lets get to the menu. First, the coffee. There is the standard array of espresso/milk drinks and a small selection of single origin coffees for pourovers. For something quick, you can grab a House Brewed Coffee, or if you’re into cold brew, you can get a Cold Brew, including the “Nitro” kind. (Note: I’m not a fan of cold brew, but I have to say that Solid’s cold brew is just chocolatey-tasting enough for me to tolerate.  Take that as a compliment.)

fullsizeoutput_2042As for the food, it’s actually pretty good. In fact, if I’m in the area and needed a simple meal, I’d consider stopping by Solid. “The 808,” “Green Bird,” “Toffle,” and “Sparkling Iced Lemonade” are a few of my favorites. Mmmm…lemonade…I like their lemonade.

Since people seem to hang out for a while — could it be the free wifi? — tables could be hard to get, but customers also congregate in the back and place their drinks on the rail counter thing, while they stare at the coffee roaster. Also, Solid is kid friendly and parking isn’t a problem.

Finally, the staff.  Each Solid employee I’ve met has been awesome. They are conscientious, friendly, and eager to help you out.  So go drink the liquid at Solid!